Daman has mandated E-authorizations in Abu Dhabi. E-authorizations and e-claims submissions are quick and easy with Practizen.

Daman Mandates E-authorization in Abu Dhabi

Night Falls on Daman Paper Claims in Abu Dhabi

Daman stopped accepting paper-based pre-authorizations early this month. A circular went out to all providers in Daman’s network in Abu Dhabi which announced that effective December 1, 2015, Daman expects all pre-authorization requests to be submitted electronically.

Practizen is Able to Submit E-Authorizations

Practizen has been far ahead of the curve on Daman e-authorizations(pre-authorizations submitted electronically, as opposed to faxed or scanned/emailed paper claims).

Our clients have been submitting e-authorizations directly from Practizen for well over a year and a half. In fact, Practizen was the first Dental Practice Management Application to successfully submit Daman e-authorizations.

Late Adopters Scrambling to Comply

Any change in claims processing can be a source of anxiety for providers. This is understandable since errors in claims can sometimes take one or more resubmission cycles to correct.

If not properly pre-authorized, claims may even get rejected permanently(without the option to resubmit). So, some providers held out as long as they could, continuing to use familiar paper submissions.

With little time left on the countdown, panic has set in and those who waited are scrambling to get setup with one solution or another.

Practizen Clients Unaffected by Announcement

For Practizen clients, this news has not had an impact. Many of them, who have been using e-authorizations through Practizen for some time, cannot imagine using paper pre-authorizations anymore.

E-authorizations makes the pre-authorization process so much simpler.

In Practizen, you can select multiple procedures to be submitted as an e-authorization request. Once ready, you can submit it with a single click.

Depending on the complexity of your request, it may take longer but some e-authorizations are returned in as quickly as five minutes. Now, that is very efficient and impressive. Way to go, Daman!

Try Practizen

Are you a Dental clinic in the U.A.E? If so, would like to experience the smooth e-authorization and e-claim workflow that Practizen affords our clients?

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