Intelligent Dental Clinic Management Software

Practizen is a Dental Practice Management Software that is designed to manage virtually all aspects of managing your dental clinic. Eliminate document clutter. Focus on quality of care, medico-legal compliance and profitability. Worry less. Enjoy your work more!

Attention U.A.E. Dental Clincs!
Practizen is optimized to submit e-authorizations and e-claims to Daman as well as other top insurance carriers without the need for any additional e-claim software. If you are looking for a dental clinic¬†software that has e-authorizations and e-claims processing built in, look no further. Practizen is the solution you’ve been seeking. Call our regional independent partner Practizen, U.A.E. at 054.709.9464.


Practizen is easy to learn and use. Bring new team members up to full productivity very quickly.


Because it is a completely web-based dental software, you can use it fully, even when you’re away from the clinic. Mac and PC Compatible.


With banking grade security, you can rest assured that your data is accessed only by authorized personnel.


Engineered to anticipate your needs with context sensitive presentation of data, alerts and options to maximize efficiency.


With intelligent reporting, Practizen offers insights that helps improve patient outcomes and promote practice profitability.


An efficient design that eliminates the need to re-enter the same data more than once. Get things done fast!


E-claim Submission

E-authorization and E-claims

No more annoying forms to fill out and fax. Practizen enables to create and submit your electronic prior authorization requests(e- authorizations) as well as e-claims directly from Practizen. Responses from the insurance company come directly to Practizen as well. Result – far fewer rejections and a whole lot faster!


Communication Tools

SMS, Alerts, Team Bulletins and More

Practizen offers built-in SMS messaging to remind your patients of their upcoming appointments. It also offers a slew of messages, reminders and alerts that keep your team notified so that nothing slips through the cracks. Team bulletins allow your team to a central place to share critical information and assign tasks.


Clinical Charting

Exam and Restorative Charting

Tracking a patient’s care is easy. From examination to treatment planning and then on to treatment, Practizen covers the entire process with comprehensive charting. Each step leads fluidly to the next. Once the charting is done, its on to pre-authorization, scheduling and claims processing.

People Behind Practizen

Practizen was developed in consultation with top professionals in the field of dentistry to bring a new, more engaged approach to dental practice management.

Regy Varghese

Regy Varghese

Software Architect

“Practizen was built to address the needs of a new breed of dentists who seek sustainable practice management models that are profitable and emphasize stress-free productivity.”

Dr. Mohamed Badawy

Dr. Mohamed Badawy

Senior Consultant

“Each screen in Practizen is tailored to display only the elements needed to complete the task at hand. What you don’t need at the moment is conveniently out of sight. ¬†Practizen makes work enjoyable.”

Dr. Abubaker Siddique

Dr. Abubaker Siddique

Senior Consultant

“I wanted dental software to automate the best practices that I have employed and taught my students over the years. I am very excited by how well Practizen has succeeded in doing exactly that.”

  • While the average claim rejection rate for most clinics is around 10%, we have set our target at 5%. Since we started using Practizen, our rejection rate has dropped below even that ambitious target. Thank you, Practizen!

  • The fact that Practizen is a web-based dental clinic software delivered as a service makes business sense. There is no massive overhead in specialized server hardware, like you see when you buy desktop software. To top it off, you have the latest version of the software, the moment it is released.

  • I like the way Practizen connects the disparate aspects of dental clinic management. With easy access to treatment charting, progress notes, billing, scheduling and other information, you rarely have to call the front desk to look things up.